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Recent events in Islamic North Africa and the Middle East, is not random and can be combined with the happenings in the European south .Οne  unknown, movie director who managed to flourish in the Jew satyrising  with the Prophet Muhammad, so disrespectful to Islam, and subsequently generalized episodes in Islamic countries  .The European south to test the crisis with Portugal not to manage to come out of the recession and Greece normally plagued with frustrated and angry people to turn to fascism.

We talked older , about the Nostradamus prophecies of Mrs. Dolores and design from years of “known-unknown” dark to create a new enemy in the place of communism.

Bear in mind that in the early 20 century managed to create Nazism in impoverished by the economic crisis Germany in order to crush the communist Soviet Union, Trotsky and Stalin. Τhey did not ,but the communist enemy will be defeated eventually by the death of Stalin in 1953 and today Russia is a neoliberal, nationalist regime reminiscent of the autocratic Tsar.

Communism in China was limited and few small countries anymore changed correctly and intelligently, in which socialism can hardly pose as the enemy of the Christian west world .The  Chinese people realized the targeting time and succeeds, so far to stand up, but where can champion!

But the dark, enemy needed to work the war industries to consume oil and of course the conflicts for the new “small nuclear” weapons and invest in devastated countries that will leave behind.

China is not the easy enemie and  Russia is an ally rather, being a white Christian country with similar status and their enemy on the underbelly of Islam.

So they managed since 2001 here to create a new Islamic enemy .

Aggressive wars in the Middle East and North Africa led to a resurgence of hate against the Islamic populations of white Christians.

Recently, the “Arab Spring” as they called the new consolidated Islamic regimes in North Africa and Syria left alone to complete the new iron-block wall .Million  of Islamists instead Communists ready to occupy the Christian West and the North.

Islamic immigrants, displaced by the wars of the Crusaders became the Trojan Horse of Islam and treated today like the Jews before.

* Perhaps the creation of concentration camps in Greece and other countries , to act in their favor and protection if kept civilized conditions of detention and the ability to work with compensation to charitable projects, but also to leave whenever they want for their country., This course is difficult in countries revived fascism as Greece .We see  the reaction of right-wing elements in the creation of camps! They  want them circled  here and there without checking to be able to attack them whenever they want, but mainly to be forced by the hunger and deprivation to commit crimes and thus gets heated hatred of the Greeks against them while flaring and love for the far right party !

Greece and any other country in the South was not compromised by Islamists ink-hungry immigrants, but the revival of fascism (recently raised the issue of resettlement, ground antiaisthisiakou G .Metaxa statue in the central square of Argostoli-Kephalonia ).

The aim is dark and the admission of Spain and Italy in the Memorandum of IMF and Europeans will be  each way .This will  impoverished the already wretched people and turned them easy to fasismus. They are  countries and migrants fleeing Islamists and countries with tradition Fascism! (Franco and Mousoulini).

So anxious to insist on austerity and wage cuts even though he knows anyone at last , that measures bring recession and prevent attracting investments .They  want  their impoverished southern Europeans to turn to fascism.

When prevail fassistic -nationalist regimes then we have managed to create the coveted fasistic Christian axis of southern Europe with a new Mousoulini or Franco or silk ready under the protection of the Great White Brotherhood of the Christian West and the Bear to invade the south and east on living space acquisition, protection and development of the Christian white population!

In essence, however, will push sameblood  states of  color  Mediterranean race in genocide! And will colonize, of course, after the desert southern Europe and North Africa devastated, Middle East  and tundra in Kazakhstan with white Aryans populations  and the new city-the capital ready to Astana Kazakstan.

They  prepare and New Jerusalem in the south and left only the Black and Indian yellow Chinese populations .They , already trying to divide them in any way and to turn 2 countries with 1.2 billion people each to warfare between tous.The  best for them. Yet I doubt that they will.

In each case, the complacency is rejected .The story is an example of the ingenuity and dark-“white” usually stops the replication of historical events in the present conditions.

Sometimes I wonder why reveal the supposed prophecies of saints, intuitive and other philosophers and teachers!

The people are no longer uneducated, but perhaps did not expect this awakening the world not easily fooled anymore, doubt, and this one looks free-yet-internet offers great service to share information and ideas, and I think it is a great weapon against dark plans!

I wish to continue so let there evil and perverse elements in it.

Fit all, good and wicked .FREEDOM  finally is above all!

PS]a ] Just a little announced that the director of “strange” film were Coptic Christians!

b] Released in major newspapers (The Indepedent) that knew about the incidents by the U.S. authorities 48 hours ago.

c] The difference in percentages by republicans, democratic fell 4%, and fallen from 9% before the episodes .Conservative  goverment with  Mormon president , clearly favors plans for general war of Christians against  ISLAM.Besides ,  Mr. Obama did not favor the plans of white Christians to attack Iran, with the recent words of Mr. Panetta to postpone the attack for at least 1 year …



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